Capacity Building


CSA adopts programming models that facilitates the organization in its belief that project /program interventions designs should arise from a process of local community and/or national prioritization. That should address capacity building needs unique to each focal areas and consistent with conventional guidance, including agreed upon indicators to measure both results and sustainability.

To ensure sustainability at the programme level, CSA works with Advisory Boards, technical working groups at national, county and sub-county levels, local CSOs in ensuring sustained outcome achievement through advice and resource mobilization for the programme.

In its working engagement with communities, CSA strives to leverage on the strengths of partner CSOs in reaching out to community members with SRHR information, and equally contributes towards strengthening the capacity of such groups’ officials on business and financial management to help sustain their existence through support income generating activities.

CSA ensure increased Institutional and Financial Stability by strengthening her capacities in 8 main areas; strategy and identity, governance and participation, management systems, planning monitoring and evaluation, financial and resource management, human resource management, technical capacities and external relations.

CSA embraces a number of Operational principles that guides its effective capacity building agenda.

  • Ensuring local ownership and leadership in programming approaches.
  • Promote partnerships that ensures multi-stakeholder consultations and decision-making
  • Adopt a holistic approach that bases capacity building efforts in self-needs assessment for the CSA and partner organizations
  • Integrate capacity building in wider sustainable development efforts
  • Adoption of a learning-by-doing approach that accommodates the dynamic nature of capacity building
  • Enhancing access to knowledge and information on innovations and ensuring alignment and consistency with global and regional standards and approaches.

Under the Advocacy sphere the organization uses the advantage of belonging in coalitions and networks to solidify if persuasion and sensitization of decision makers and political leadership to make changes and take action for improved ASRH policy environments. CSA identifies, capacity built and finance local and regional experts and champions to assist undertake its advocacy agenda, information dissemination, public education, and policy briefing and media coverage

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