Access Service and Knowledge

Access Service and Knowledge

Access Service and Knowledge (ASK) was a three year programme being implemented by Centre for the Study of Adolescence through funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This programme was implemented by 13 partner organizations that operate under the Youth Empowerment Alliance (YEA). CSA implemented the information and service components of the ASK programme in Kisumu and Kisii Counties in Nyanza region. The main objective of the project was to improve the SRHR of young people (10-24 years) by increasing young people’s uptake of SRH services. Thus, the results were realised through:


  1. Providing SRHR information to young people, and enabling their direct access, using internet, mobile phone applications, helplines and non-traditional campaigns
  2. Strengthening linkages between SRHR information and SRH services through referral systems and providing information about available services
  3. Strengthening comprehensive sexuality education programmes
  4. Youth-led advocacy and awareness-raising to remove social and legal barriers in accessing information and services, particularly for the underserved.
  5. Capacity building of partner organisations on youth participation and the needs, rights and realities of underserved groups.

Key Results Include:

  • Young people are better informed and are thus able to make healthier choices regarding their sexuality. The number of reached young people with SRH information through Facebook and curriculum was 5654 (Facebook) and 10 200 (MWML). The newspaper pull outs were developed and young talk reached 10 200 primary school students and teen talk reached 12 000 secondary school students. The SRHR board games reached 8500 students. The project entered 8 new facilities in order to reach young people with SRH services and information.
  • A growing number of people have access to anti-retroviral drugs, contraceptives and other commodities required for good sexual and reproductive health
  • Public and private clinics provide better sexual and reproductive healthcare services, which more and more people are using.
  • Greater respect for the sexual and reproductive rights of people to whom these rights are denied
  • 6 information channels with referral systems in place was reached. A list of active facilities providing YFS for referral on board games and CDs was created. There were 11 active facilities. CSA continuously refers students to ASK partners SRH sites and blogs.