Monitoring And Evaluation


Strongly embedded in the CSA’s programming models and belief is a solid and responsive Monitoring and Evaluation system that’s consistent with the ever evolving humanitarian development world. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) function is an integral and indispensable part of CSA’s programming approach that utilises Performance and Results based systems to monitor progress and to evaluate impacts respectively for programs and projects. The Organization has institutionalized M&E plans, which define programme or projects result areas, outcomes and internal and adopted global indicators.

Under this function, in the Research and Quality Assurance department, there’re standards and policy guidelines for data collection, storage and management for utilization in informing organisational decision making toward programmes designing and resource allocation. CSA’s Monitoring & Evaluation products provides evidence to influence policy and inform partner CSOs and stakeholders including donors and the government.

With one of the Centre’s strong pillar as advocacy for policy influence, anchored on the theory of change that postulates that Persuasive narratives and evidence coupled with increased positive sensitization will cause change in Public and Legislators opinions resulting in pressure for policy change, will use this evidence and Operation research results to support its advocacy activities and to positively influence national and global health policy.