The Centre for the Study of Adolescence (CSA) is embraces evidence based programming on adolescence sexual reproductive health and rights. To amalgamate its position as a leader in Kenya’s Adolescence and Youth health development and research spheres, the Centre creates evidence and develop position papers on adolescence and youth health issues within local environments. The Centre as well disseminate information through publications in peer reviewed journals, landscaping reports and technical briefing papers. The findings and recommendations from the research initiatives also inform regional and global efforts to broadly improve reproductive health for adolescents.

Since 1988, CSA has conducted extensive research around sexual and reproductive health and rights issues in relation to women and girls, including family planning, unsafe abortion, maternal mortality, emergency contraception, female genital cutting (FGC), sexual violence and access to education. CSA has focused on both programme based and independent based studies in various projects and study areas in Kenya.

The main reason for doing studies in CSA is to generate new knowledge/evidence in ASRHR for proper programming. In addition, through research CSA unravel lessons learnt, success stories, challenges encountered in programming.

The following are some of the selected publications and research reports that CSA has been involved in drafting:

  • Accessibility and availability of AIDS related services and information top young women and Girls, Joint UN Advocacy programme – UNAIDS
  • Baseline Survey for the CCF Youth HIV/AIDS Project in Marurui, Nairobi May to July, 2005
  • MDG indicators for the Social Budgeting program of UNICEF in six districts – 2005
  • Sexual Decision Making among young people in Kenya and Ghana: Participatory Research with Young People. IPPF February to May 2005.
  • Promoting the Rights of young people in Selected Districts in Kenya, February, 2005.
  • Adolescent Reproductive Health and Development in Africa: What the Statistics say, 2004.
  • Improving Adolescent Reproductive Health Programs in Africa: Lessons from Kenya, 2003.
  • Testing Community Level strategies to reduce Maternal Mortality and Morbidity, report of the End of Project Evaluation of Young People in Kenya, 2003.
  • Knowledge Attitudes and Practice towards VCT among secondary school students in Kenya.
  • Situation of Young People in Kenya, 2003.
  • KAP Survey on Adolescent and young sexuality among in-school adolescents in Suba District (2001).
  • KAP Survey among in-school adolescents and youth in Western Kenya (2002).
  • A situational analysis of adolescents’ health components of 8 NGOs (2000).
  • End of Project Evaluation of 8 adolescent and youth projects in Kenya (2002).
  • Policy Makers’ Attitudes and Awareness of Adolescent Reproduction Health Issues in Kenya. An in-depth interview. (1995).
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practices related to AIDS and HIV infection among Adolescents in Kenya (1992).
  • Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya: A Situational Analysis (1997).
  • A review of Youth Reproductive Health with Special attention to Legislative and Policy Environment for Adolescent in Kenya (1995).
  • Mother daughter communication: A survey (1997).
  • Abortion in Kenya:  A traditional approach to unwanted pregnancy (1991).
  • Women and Health in Kenya – Develop an Action agenda. A Monograph. Funded by the Netherlands Embassy.
  • A Review of Research on Adolescent/Youth Reproductive Health in Kenya.
  • Review of Literature on adolescent/Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • A Review of Abortion in Kenya.
  • A Review of Research in Adolescent Fertility in Kenya (1988).
  • Traditional Sex Education in Kenya: The Case of Kenya. (1992).
  • The Role of Parents in their Children’s Sex Education in Kenya: In-depth Interviews (1994).
  • Teenage Pregnancies and Girls’ Education in Africa
  • Adolescent Fertility “Who chooses Abortion” Report submitted to the Population Council (1993).
  • Analysis and Documentation of Research on Adolescent Sexuality and unsafe Abortion in Kenya (1993).
  • Epidemiology of Abortion in Kenya
  • Newspaper Articles on Family Life Education/Sex Education in Kenya.
  • Induced Abortion in Africa (1993).
  • A review of abortion in Zambia, Paper prepared for the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

Recently, CSA has led in supporting the UFBR alliance in Kenya to conduct an outcome measurement study. The study objectives included monitoring progress made since 2011 to June 2013 with regard to achievements of UFBR programme. The overall results indicate that among the youth in the targeted areas of the programme showed positive improvements in general knowledge, attitude, skills and behavior of sexual and reproductive health amongst young people and women compared to 2013 survey. The study findings were disseminated among UFBR members among other stakeholders in Kenya.

*** Download the Abstract for the UFBR Report here. ***

CSA was supported by IPAS to conduct a qualitative study investigating knowledge attitude and practice determinants on sexual and reproductive health issues including unsafe abortion among university students in two select public universities in Kenya in 2012. This study concluded in 2012 was largely disseminated in 2013 among university managers, students, service providers and other stakeholders. The findings of this study have informed a one year intervention on SRHR and safe abortion in Masinde Muliro University in Western Kenya.

Accelerating Knowledge, Attitudes and Confidence towards Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights among Learners 10 – 19 years through newspaper pull-outs in Kisumu County of Western Kenya. The Centre for the Study of Adolescence (CSA) in collaboration with Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance/Kenya through funding from Rutgers initiated the implementation of a 3-year – Access Service and Knowledge (ASK) programme in Kisumu and Kisii Counties with an aim of improving the SRHR of young people (10-24 years) by increasing young people’s uptake of SRH services including information. Operation research was designed to establish the effectiveness of newspaper pull-outs in Accelerating Knowledge, Attitudes and Confidence towards Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights among Learners 10 – 19 years in Kisumu County of Western Kenya.

*** For more information download the executive summary of the ASK OR report here. ***

CSA research agenda was guided by the following topics: Sexuality among Young People; Abortion among youth; Menstrual Hygiene; Adolescent and HIV/AIDs; Teenage Pregnancy and Motherhood; Family Planning; and Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV).

Download the UFBR outcome measurement report.