Yes I Do (YIDA)

Yes I Do (YIDA)

The Yes I Do is an Alliance-implemented program in Kajiado West that aims to contribute to: ensuring that young people know more and are thus equipped to make healthier choices about their sexuality; and winning more respect for the sexual and reproductive rights of groups who are currently denied these rights. The alliance partners implementing this program include:Plan Kenya, AMREF Kenya, NAYA, CSA, and Ujamaa.

The programs Strategic Long term Goals are:

  1. Community members and gate-keepers have changed attitudes and take action to prevent CM, FGM/C and TP
  2. Adolescent girls and boys are meaningfully engaged to claim their SRH rights
  3. Adolescent girls and boys take informed action on their sexual health
  4. Adolescent girls have alternatives beyond CM, FGM/C and TP through education and economic empowerment
  5. Policy makers and duty bearers develop and implement laws and policies in relation on CM and FGM/C

The core strategies that will contribute to all long-term goals are: Promote gender transformative thinking,Girls’ empowerment,men and boys’ engagement, and meaningful youth participation. The partners will use the following interventions:

  • Capacity building of actors to achieve individual and organisational improvement
  • Research to collect evidence on effectiveness of the intervention strategies and adjust strategies
  • Social Marketing to engage the business sector in solutions to development issues to promote healthy behaviours through products, services and information.
  • Lobby and advocacy, not only to improve legislation and implementation but also to change social norms, health providers and private sector for economic opportunities for girls.

CSA will implement the ‘World Starts with Me’ through the Whole school approach.