My Steps in Empowerment

Article by Eunice Wanjiru

For young people, sexual and reproductive health rights are a critical part of their lives whether they are sexually active or not. Having been privileged as a peer ambassador and among one of the Big Sisters under Centre for the study of adolescents (CSA) the program enables me to provide information on menstrual and reproductive health. In addition, through the training, the program has helped me in

offering physiological support to young adolescents in terms of individual and group counseling. The program also includes offering sessions to the young adolescents where we assure adolescents a safe space to speak easily, resolving all queries and at the same time maintaining utmost confidentiality. Reaching out to the community is the most key activity to raise awareness about SRHR and mental health, breaking down the cycle of confusion, silence and misinformation. Thanks to the Big Sisters forum for playing a big role in building our confidence as Big Sisters to pass information to young adolescents and inspiring them to participate as peer SRHR volunteers in the coming future. Esther Wanjiru on My Word weekly feature Having participated as a peer educator on the SRHR program I have become more confident to discuss issues around it.. I have seen how engaging young people can significantly increase information provision and program success in general. Being involved in the development and being listened to is the most empowering and fulfilling feeling. It gives me a sense of belonging to the solution, encouraging me to engage more.

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