Repositioning CSE in Kenya

Advancing Comprehensive Sexuality Education for Youth

Comprehensive Sexuality Education is crucial for promoting universal access to SRHR and advancing gender equality.Provision of SRHR information and services, especially among the adolescents and young people in Kenya has been challenging due to socio-cultural and religious beliefs, values, and attitudes. These barriers have hindered the delivery of CSE and restricted access to SRHR information and services for adolescents and young people.

Sexual Reproductive Health is a personal journey and steps should be put in place to ensure care, respect and dignity while accessing information and services"

Stephanie Achieng, Youth Task force member


The project utilizes sustained relationships and engagement with various stakeholders including religious leaders, policy makers, civil society organizations and young people. It involves advocacy efforts through policy engagement, collaboration with key government ministries/ agencies and media campaigns on SRHR. The project seeks to challenge negative public narratives surrounding CSE and SRHR, promote meaningful and inclusive youth participation and address the specific needs of adolescents and young people through progressive policies and plans.


The project targets young people in Kenya, specifically in Nairobi, Kiambu, Mombasa and Kisumu counties. It aims to empower them with age appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that enable them to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health and rights.


The Repositioning CSE in Kenya project strives to create a positive impact by advocating for the right to CSE and comprehensive SRHR for all young people. Through sustained engagement with stakeholders, it aims to overcome socio-cultural and religious barriers and improve access to accurate and comprehensive information. By empowering young people with knowledge and skills on SRHR, the project contributes to the protection and fulfilment of their rights, ultimately advancing gender equality and universal access to SRHR in Kenya.

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