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Right Here Right Now II – Kenya

The program is implemented by a consortium of seven organizations that are progressive, youth-led, and focused on SRHR. It aims at ensuring adolescents and young people in all their diversity enjoy their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in gender-just societies. The program addresses poor SRHR outcomes in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu counties through innovative, locally rooted, and sustainable interventions. It places a strong emphasis on the meaningful and inclusive involvement of adolescents and young people to tackle the SRHR challenges they face.

The audience, that is the youth, were the key role players to the program were active and ready to learn and flexible to change…These factors made our CSE activities a success

Silvia Anita - Youth


The program's design includes several strategies to achieve the desired outcomes. These strategies involve supporting and recognizing young people as active agents of CSE, building their competencies to navigate challenges related to their sexuality, increasing access to SRHR information and education, and empowering them to voice their opinions. The program also aims to reinforce positive norms and values regarding young people's SRHR and gender justice through increased awareness and knowledge among key influencers, media, and young people themselves. Additionally, the program seeks to secure political will and capacity among decision-makers, improve accountability for SRHR policies and laws, and strengthen the CSO network for young people's SRHR and gender justice.


The primary recipients of the program are adolescents and young people aged 10-24 in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. The program specifically focuses on empowering young people in all their diversity, including young women, sexual and gender minorities, and young people with disabilities. Key influencers, media, and CSOs working in the ASRHR movement are also identified as key actors in the program.


The expected impact of the program includes empowered young people who can make informed decisions about their sexuality and claim their SRH rights, the establishment of a critical mass reinforcing positive norms and values regarding young people's SRHR and gender justice, the adoption and implementation of human rights-based policies and laws by the government, and a strong CSO network focused on young people's SRHR and gender justice. These outcomes will contribute to improving the overall SRHR outcomes for young people in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu counties. Since its inception in 2020, the project has reached 6750 young people reached with CSE.


Young People Reached with CSE

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